Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A new place for latest news from Llangybi Organics

Val with giant tomato which weighed one kilo. These 'beefsteak' tomatoes taste incredibly good too!

I (Bry, the webmaster here!) am changing the Llangybi Organics website so that all Llangybi Organics news, long or short, gets posted on this blog page. There are advantages for me in that it's easier to do. There are advantages for you too:
  • all news posts get listed by title, date and month automatically (the Archive in the right column of this page) so you can find any item you're interested in
  • you can use a feed reader (like the free and excellent Omea) to pick up RSS/Atom feeds from this weblog. This simply means that you can find out automatically whenever we add anything. If you don't want to be bothered with feeds, just bookmark this page in your Favourites
  • it means you can 'have your finger on the pulse' since we'll be adding posts every few days or weeks because it's so easy to do. Some could be just a couple of sentences and a picture. There won't be any formal newsletter any more, just a series of the latest newsworthy items - with pictures as needed.

So now you really can keep in touch... And you can also add your own comments to any of our news postings.

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Bry Lynas said...

Yes, this comment system works!