Tuesday, April 24, 2007

End-of-season party for volunteers

celebration at Ty'n Lon
Left to Right: Jill, Val, Mike, Beverley (Roger's partner), Danielle (Deio's partner), Roger and Deio (who supplied the proper French champagne). Click the image for full size version.

Being a volunteer for Llangybi Organics has many bonuses. Above is one of them, a celebratory party for Deio and Roger, who have helped us so willingly through the winter. Deio, in particular, has been a stalwart, working with Jill helping with harvesting whatever the weather and then continuing on with the packing on Friday afternoon. Once, he brought Danielle and his daughter to help with the packing. That really went well!

Five reasons why you should consider becoming a Llangybi Organics volunteer:
  1. The 'crack', as the Irish have it: good conversation, appalling jokes (Roger is joke specialist but, sadly, may be moving away from the area), serious discussions... it's all there on Friday afternoons
  2. Multilingual chat: at least 4 languages are in variably common use by the packing team. Welsh and English, obviously, but also Spanish and some French.
  3. Healthy outdoor work
  4. Free vegetables as a 'thank you'
  5. You're helping a small sustainable company supply high-quality veg and fruit to its loyal band of customers

If you think you might like to join in, contact Val or Jill by phone or email.

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