Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last box day... but there's more

Last box and bag day: 27th February: All you diligent people who read their newsletters and the notices we post in the Swallow House will know that the time for the last boxes and bags has come and gone. We should be re-starting as normal on in late July 2009. We'll let you know when.

Tell a friend! Meanwhile, if you like what we produce and intend to remain with us, please recommend us to your friends so that we can add a few people to our waiting list. It's important for us to be sure about how many customers we shall have as we have to plan, sow and plant for you months in advance. Contact details are here.

CSA group veg: If you look at our new Photo Album (there's a permanent link from the left column of this page), you'll see several pictures which I (Bry) took on the last day. And just look at all those rows of veg in the polytunnel! They're all free for our CSA group members who are welcome to come and get what they want when passing by. Available for the next few weeks are Lettuce, Purslane, Pak Choi, Mizuna, Rocket and a few other green things. We also still have lots of potatoes, a reminder of the bumper harvest which group members so kindly helped harvest back in September.

Small bags for customers who want veg: In the past, we've deliberately grown veg to keep at least some of you supplied until April or so. This year has been different in that we've tried to grow it but much of the veg was damaged or killed outright by the bitter cold we've had. But - as the album shows - some has survived well and is now growing again and we may be able to offer small bags of fresh greens for those of you who would be interested. Val will probably send an email to you all if and when we're ready to do this and we'll pack what we have for Fridays as usual. The price depends on what we have to offer. Jill also has hen eggs which you could request her to bring to Mur Crusto to collect when you collect your small bag.

If you aren't a member for the CSA group (who will be coming to help us from time to time) and don't want smaller bags of veg in the coming weeks, thank you for your custom and we hope to see you again in July.

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