Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Potato eve and a call for help

Tatws away: Yesterday, in the fog, we got all the potatoes planted at Ty'n Lon farm. Mike and Jill were well prepared and ready to go when Val and I arrived. The tractor and planter worked without hitch - the plough just hit one big underground boulder - and the only complaint I (Bry) had was that the seating (old plastic drums) wasn't very comfy. I prefer more luxury as you know...

Request for help for onion Sunday: Jill and Mike want to get the onions planted on Sunday if possible. It's a long job with 2, half as long with 4 and easy if we have some of you kind CSA group members come along for an hour or two. I've posted Jill's request on OneClimate's Llangybi Organics group page. See Group events calendar and post. If you haven't joined OneClimate yet, now's your chance. It's free and does lots of useful things. Have a look around.

Veg matters: We've had to cease the few bags we were doing because most of the veg has now bolted and has had to be pulled out. So, no more proper veg bags until July, I'm afraid. But there is still stuff available free for CSA group helpers, and there will be more to come. There's still lettuces and leeks plus a few other things and Jill has potatoes which she can bag up on request: free to group members and £4 for 5 kg (or larger quantities, if preferred: 12.5 kg and 25 kg) for customers. Contact Jill if you want them: 01766 810915.

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